Behind the Lines: 
Fighting a Wildland Fire

A documentary by Jennifer A Reinish

Filmed during the 2007-2008 California wildfire seasons, Behind the Lines gives audiences a look at what goes into fighting a large-scale wildfire. Through interviews with the men and women behind the lines and facing the fire, audiences will get a glimpse of the magnitude and effort put in by people from all over the United States to keep the fire from reaching our communities and our homes.

News and Updates:

Summer 2018

I am assisting on another fire documentary with an international production company. Stay tuned...!


Its been a long time since there have been updates to this site, or news on the film! I am happy to announce that Behind the Lines is now available to stream online!  I hope this gives many more people a way to see this film that is affordable and accessible!  Until the end of January, 2015, take $2 off the price of streaming (normally $7.99) by entering code “jan2015” at checkout.  And please let me know how you liked the film!   You can stream Behind the Lines online, by clicking here.


Woke up this morning to an emergency services text and a phone call from my business partner- the “Lookout Fires” started this morning around 7:30 a few miles above my home. I know what goes into fighting a fire like this - its hot, its in rough terrain, and I am nothing but grateful to the men and women up there right now. They’ve evacuated the homes in the immediate area, and I am keeping every resident, and every firefighter and support personnel in my prayers right now.  I just pray that the winds don’t pick up...


I woke up this morning and my first thought was “I’m saving a life today.”  The coincidence of the date was not lost on me.  I am no hero, no rescue worker, no firefighter. I have no skill to run into an inferno and would have no idea what to do beyond basic CPR.  I am in AWE of the men and women who did not hesitate to do what had to be done 11 years ago.  My strongest memory of that day and those that followed was the total silence, no planes, not many people out, just... quiet.  Like the whole country (or at least my corner of it) had asked for a moment of silence, and it lasted for days.  I’ll never forget that.  I’ll never forget any of it.  But today, I get to save a life.  Its the life of a dog.  As I said I am no hero, no rescue worker. I found a sweet little face in a concrete cell in an LA shelter, and because of the many people who stepped forward: the girl with the rescue organization here in Santa Barbara, the man in LA who was willing to go start the process at the high-kill shelter, the friend who happily offered to drive 150 miles today to pick the pup up, and the woman who is opening her home to a scared pup who probably has not yet known much love in his life... today I am saving little Stuart’s life.  It may only be a small thing, but to him, its everything.  Just think if each of us could do one small thing that meant the world to another living being... on 9/11 of all days... if we all did something meaningful the spirit of love and good intent I think would overcome the evil in this world, even just for one day.  I hope my gesture today can cast some small light in the shadows.


Keeping all the firefighters in Oklahoma, and the families affected by the fires, in my thoughts and prayers.  Its been quite a summer...

Meanwhile, if you don’t see many updates here, check out our Facebook Page:

There are a lot more updates and posts on Facebook.

Stay safe out there!


Wow, its been a year? Well, we are on a new web address now (, and lots happening - stay tuned!

My thoughts are with all the firefighters our there working hard in rough conditions! 

I will continue to make donations for every 10 DVDs sold... so know you are doing good with your purchase!


Well, its officially summer, and fire season is in full force, it seems.  I am keeping all of you who are involved in the firefights in my thoughts and prayers.

I’ve decided this summer that for every 10 DVDs sold, I will make a donation to the local scholarship fund for the children of firefighters.  I wish I could do even more, but the economy has been rough on all of us - especially the starving artist filmmaker.  But I feel like I want to do something, and since I teach filmmaking also, a scholarship to help a firefighter’s child afford college seems like a good fit. I am open to other charities if you have a suggestion.  Of course, the DVDs have to sell for me to afford this.  So if you haven’t seen the film yet...what are you waiting for?  Just click on “shop” at the top of this page.

Stay safe everyone!


The men and women fighting the fires in Arizona are on my mind.  Stay safe... and thank you for all you are doing to keep everyone else safe!


Its been a while since I have updated you on the film.  First, on Veteran’s Day, I want to thank those of you who have served and continue to serve our country. You are selfless and brave and have my thanks.  That goes for our firefighters and law enforcement, too.  Thank you.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, or know someone who might like it, the holidays are coming up (how did that happen???) and the DVD makes a great gift!  I spoke with someone the other day who bought a copy for her son, and he is now finishing up his firefighter training and will soon be working as a firefighter. She told me the film was inspirational and educational for him, and I was very grateful for the compliment and feedback.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me (contact info below.)  If you are interested in doing a screening, please let me know. If I can be there, I would love to be a part of it.

Thanks for your ongoing support!




Wow, its summer, finally!  But that also means fire season has begun.  I hope its not an intense one.  Everyone here could use a break!

So my donation “drive” generated a few extra sales, but I’d like to do more. So, through August, I will be donating a portion of every sale of “Behind the Lines” to charity.  Right now, its the Stephen J Masto Memorial Scholarship Fund, but I would love to hear from you if you have a favorite charity that benefits firefighters.  If I get enough sales, I’d love to contribute to your favorite charity.  When you buy your DVD, just let me know which charity you think I should support and I will see what I can do!  And find a new link for special pricing on the “SHOP” page!


Through the month of May, I will be donating a percentage of all DVD sales to the Stephen J. Masto Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Now is a great time to buy a DVD!  The Fund is maintained by the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara, in case you want to make a donation yourself, or get more information. As a former teacher, I know the value of education.  Being able to make a donation in memory of the local firefighter for whom my film is dedicated, is something I hope I will continue to be able to do.


A year ago today the Jesusita Fire broke out here in Santa Barbara. I was there, below where it started, watching the first helicopters making drops.  That night I worried for friends in the area. The next night, I packed and left.  Though I was afraid my home would not make it, I took comfort in the fact that the men and women who responded to the fire were the best of the best, and that they would do everything they could to take care of our homes and each other.  Fortunately, my neighborhood was untouched, but I had friends who were not so lucky.  I was happy to be able to donate the proceeds of my film’s premiere to the United Way’s Jesusita Fire Recovery Fund.  My friends who lost their homes have all landed on their feet.  Life goes on, even after a fire. 

Thanks to all of you who have supported my film.

4/15/10 part 2

Ok, this is turning out to be a good day.  Just got word on ANOTHER film festival!  This time it is the Haida Gwaii Film Festival in British Columbia. I’m hoping I’ll be able to travel there (I think you have to take a ferry or sea plane!) because from the photos it looks amazingly beautiful there!


Happy (?) Tax Day!  I just got the news that “Behind the Lines” is a finalist in the documentary competition for the 2010 Las Vegas Film Festival!  I think that means there is a roadtrip to Vegas in my future!!!


“Behind the Lines” has been invited to the Haida Gwaii Film Festival in British Columbia!  Hoping to make it there along with my film.  Your purchase of the DVD will go towards travel expenses to promote the film to a new audience!  You can read more about the festival here:

And if you want a copy of the film, click on “SHOP” above !


Only 5 more days for a $5 discount on your DVD copy of Behind the Lines!  For your discount, use the following link:


Behind the Lines is playing tonight at the SB Film Festival!  Time to get ready.  I hope I see some of you there.  Wanted to share a link to an interview I did this past weekend for the festival:

Thanks to all of you for your continuing support of the film!


The 25th Santa Barbara International Film Festival opened last night.  This will be the third SB Festival in which I have a film, and I am so excited!  It was great to catch up with old friends and meet a few new ones at the opening night, and I am looking forward to the next 10 days!  So grateful for the fantastic article in the Santa Barbara Daily Sound today - thanks Eric Lindberg!  If you want to see the article, go to:

and if you want to buy tickets or get more information on the festival, go to


Santa Barbara International Film Festival Update:

Behind the Lines will play on

Monday, February 8th at 9:30 p.m. at Victoria Hall Theatre

and again

Sunday, February 14th at 4 p.m. at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Tickets are available for sale at the venue, but if you want to buy mini-packs  of tickets, or passes, you can visit the film festival’s website for more information:

Looking forward to meeting some of you there - be sure to come introduce yourself!  I’ll be the one speaking after the film!


Santa Barbara International Film Festival Update:

Hope to see you there!


GREAT NEWS!  Just found out the Behind the Lines was accepted into the Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Feb 4-14.

More info coming as soon as I get it!

I’m SO excited for a chance to show my film again in the community where it was made!

Stay tuned for updates!!


Wow... weird to write “2010” but glad to have a new year underway!  Hope you all enjoyed the holidays!  I’ve been busy making DVDs to fill lots of orders for the film!  Still waiting on a few film festivals, and open to any and all distribution ideas. 

I hope your year is off to a good start!!! 


Happy Holidays to all of my friends!  Thank you for all your support this year. I wish you and your families health, happiness and prosperity for 2010 and beyond.

All my best,



Wow... the holidays are upon us.  Its a serious flurry of activity for me. There is a feature film shooting here in Santa Barbara, and they’ve brought me on in a coordinator position!  I’m working 12+ hours a day and its intense!  I probably won’t come up for air until the end of February. But, I will be sure to get your DVDs out as soon as you order them, so don’t fear!  And after this, I’ll start putting together the next documentary (after a few days of rest, of course!)

I wish you all the best for the holidays and a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


The holidays are almost here!  Thanks to all of you who have taken advantage of the “Buy Two, Get One” offer!  I know you’ll get more thanks when your friends open their holiday gifts! 

Hope you are all staying safe and warm, and enjoying the holiday season!


Ok folks, here’s the thing... I want to make another fire film!  However, I made “Behind the Lines” with no budget, out of my pocket.  I am hoping to sell enough copies to finance the next film.  So, if you haven’t bought your copy yet.... consider it a contribution to the next film - and better yet, buy 2 and get a 3rd for free through the holidays! 

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for the support you’ve shown for my work!


Anyone who works on fires, or loves someone who works on fires, understands how precious life is.  We are all so grateful to the firefighters who save our loved ones and our homes.

Life is so precious, and you never know what is around the corner.  Be sure to tell those you love just how much they mean to you.  And be grateful for every day. 


BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE SALE!  Right now, if you purchase two copies of “Behind the Lines” you will get a third copy at no additional cost!  Starting to think about the holidays?  Now you can afford to give three of your friends a great film, but only pay for two of them!

Click on “SHOP” at the top of this page to take advantage of the holiday sale!


Happy Halloween!

Nothing new to report, but DVD sales are going great!  Thanks to all of you who have purchased a copy of the film!  And if you haven’t bought one yet - now you can take advantage of my holiday special!  Buy two DVDs, get the third free!  Behind the Lines makes a great holiday gift for anyone interested in firefighting!

Now... go get some good trick or treat candy!!!


If you like “Behind the Lines” my first feature film “The Aphrodite Project” is now available on  You can order it here:

The Aphrodite Project is about the passion of living creatively, joyously and energetically despite the existence of internal/external chaos brought on by a cancer diagnosis. 

One of the PIO’s in Behind the Lines also makes an appearance in this film.


HOLIDAY SPECIAL!  From now until the holidays are done, if you buy 2 copies of “Behind the Lines” I will include a third copy for free!  Give copies of the film as gifts, and keep one for yourself!  The third DVD will not show up in your shopping cart, but I will put the third copy in the envelope when I mail your order to you!


Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy of the film! I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear from you after you view it!  I love getting reviews!

I am thrilled to announce that Behind the Lines has been chosen to receive the John Muir Gold Award at the 2009 Yosemite Film Festival!  I was so excited to get that news, and hope to be able to travel to Yosemite in October to receive the award!


My heart goes out to the families and friends of the firefighters who lost their lives in LA this week.  For all of you fighting the fires, thank you for everything you are doing, and please take care of yourselves.  If you are living near the fires, please be safe!


The shop is open!  If you haven’t noticed, you can now click on “SHOP” at the top of this page, and it will take you to the links for ordering the film.  There are two options - you can buy a copy for your own personal viewing, or, if you are a trainer/educator and want to show this for classes and groups, you can purchase a copy that gives you public performance rights. 

I want to thank for getting the word out about my film!


Thanks so much to all of’s readers!  I am thrilled that so many of you are interested in my film!  I’ll be mailing out your copies as soon as possible.  For DVD orders, go to the “SHOP” button at the top of this page, and you will find ordering information!


“Behind the Lines” played at the Ventura Film Festival today.  I want to say thanks to Jordan, the organizer of the festival, and all the volunteers who were so welcoming!  We had a good crowd - especially considering the film was playing at lunchtime on a holiday weekend!  The audience seemed to really like the film, and we had a really good Q&A after the screening.  I had a great time, and am grateful for the opportunity!  Thanks VFF folks!

If you haven’t seen the film, and want to purchase a DVD copy, contact me for details.


“Behind the Lines” has been accepted into the Ventura Film Festival!  It will screen at 1 p.m. on Friday, July 3 at the Topping Room, EP Foster Library - 651 East Main Street, Ventura CA 93110

Tickets are $25 in advance for an all-festival pass or $10 at the door.  For more information:


The cash has all been counted, and we raised over $4000 for The United Way’s Jesusita Fire Recovery Fund and the Stephen J. Masto Memorial Scholarship Fund!  We had over 300 people attend the premiere!  All I can say is thank you.  Thank you for attending. Thank you for your generosity. 

I’ll be posting information soon on how to support these worthy causes. If you want to make a donation, contact me. 


What a fantastic film premiere last night!  I am so grateful to everyone who participated, helped, donated and attended the event!  A huge thanks to Richard and all the Samy’s folks, you are so generous, and it was a blast to work with you!  And Dreamtime Continuum - you are amazing, your music was perfect, and everyone loved listening to you play- thank you!  The food from Silvergreens was fantastic, and the coffee from HotSpots was so good!  And to all the raffle donors, thank you thank you thank you!  I’ll let you know how much money we raised soon.  Thanks so much to the United Way of Santa Barbara for being there to collect donations for the Jesusita Fire Recovery Fund.  And, to all of you who donated, with your admission, your raffle tickets and the DVD sales, you have done so much good for both the Jesusita Fire Fund and the Steve Masto Scholarship Fund, so thank you.  I am grateful, appreciative and so thrilled by last night’s event. 

Stay tuned... I hope there will be more to tell soon!


The film looks SO AMAZING projected 20 feet tall on the wall at Samy’s Camera!  This is going to be a great event!!!


Only a few days before the premiere!  This is going to be a great event, and I am looking forward to a huge turnout!  See you all on June 6th!


A quick thanks to everyone kicking in prizes for the raffle at next Saturday’s film premiere: 

Samy’s Camera

Darin Jon Studio

Lisa Weber (Museum of Natural History passes)

Channel Islands Fitness


Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore


Hot Spots


Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara

and more to be announced!


Film Premiere Press Release:

World Film Premiere and Benefit:

"Behind the Lines: Fighting a Wildland Fire

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Samy's Camera and Tidepool Pictures announced the world premiere of "Behind the Lines: Fighting a Wildland Fire" to benefit Jesusita Fire Victims through the United Way’s Jesusita Fire Long Term Recovery Fund.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

7:30pm – Live music by Dreamtime Continuum

Sundown (approximately 8:15pm) – Outdoor film screening

Samy’s Camera, 614 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

$5 suggested donation at the door

Filmmaker Jennie Reinish’s third feature documentary, “Behind the Lines” was filmed during the 2007-2008 California wildfire seasons.  The film gives audiences a glimpse at what goes into fighting a large-scale wildfire.  “Through interviews with the men and women behind the lines and facing the fire,” explained Reinish, “audiences will get a glimpse of the magnitude and effort put in by people from all over the United States to keep the a fire from reaching our communities and our homes.”

To kick off the event at 7:30pm, one of the victims who lost their homes in the Jesusita fire, singer/songwriter and healer Sudama Mark Kennedy, will perform original music with his band Dreamtime Continuum.  Their music features trance and dance, world instruments, and improvised rappings, nested in world music grooves. 

Event attendees will have an opportunity to meet and thank local Firefighters, and a photographer will be on hand for those who would like to have their photos taken on a fire truck!  A raffle will be held to benefit the Jesusita Fire Fund.  Food at the event will be donated by Silvergreens restaurant.

“This is a great event for people to come out and support our local firefighters and our community,” said Reinish, “and learn just what goes on behind the scenes of a wildfire.”  Funds raised by donations at the door will benefit the United Way's Jesusita Fire Long Term Recovery Fund.  Funds raised by sales of DVDs of "Behind the Lines" will benefit the Steven J. Masto Memorial Scholarship Fund, which serves the children of local firefighters.

“This is an outdoor screening,” pointed out Reinish, “so attendees should dress for the weather, and bring a chair or blanket to sit on.” 

For more information on the film, visit

For more information on the band, visit or

For more information on the benefiting fire funds, visit


Premiere update: Sudama Mark Kennedy and his fantastic band Dreamtime Continuum will be playing at the June 6th premiere!

Singer songwriter/ healer Sudama Mark Kennedy performs original music with his band Dreamtime Continuum with a trance and dance underpinning, meant to energize as well as nurture the mystical heart. Solar anthems, world instruments such as didjeridu, shakuhachi flute, and dotara, and improvised rappings, are nested in world music grooves. Dreamtime includes Chris Judge on electric guitar, Eje Lynn-Jacobs on bass, Chris Thomas on percussion, Ernie Kram on guitar, Burton Drum on congas, Montino Bourbon on dotara and other special guests.


Also... a very special thank you to the United Way of Santa Barbara, who will be at the premiere to collect donations for the Jesusita Fire Long Term Recovery Fund.  A suggested donation of $5 will get you in the door, but if you cannot afford it, please come anyhow... as a freelance videographer, I know how it is to have no extra money, and nobody will be turned away for lack of finances!

So... the premiere is June 6th, at 7:30 p.m  The film will start after sundown, and until then, take some time to meet (and thank!!!) the Firefighters and listen to Dreamtime Continuum.  Copies of the film will be available for sale - proceeds of DVD sales will benefit the Stephen J. Masto Memorial Scholarship Fund. Stephen J. Masto was a Santa Barbara firefighter who lost his life fighting the Camusa fire ten years ago.

Last... I just have to say that Samy’s Camera is the best!  A huge thanks to Richard Pinnock, Samy’s manager - he is really making this into an incredible event.  So, support Samy’s for all your photo and video needs! 


Saturday, June 6th

7:30 p.m.

Samy’s Camera Parking Lot - 614 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara 93101

(bring a blanket or some beach chairs to sit on, and dress for the weather - its an outdoor event!)

Admission: $5 suggested donation

Questions? email me: jennie at tidepoolpictures dot com


THANK YOU TO ALL THE FIREFIGHTERS WHO HELPED SAVE SO MANY HOMES AND LIVES HERE IN SANTA BARBARA!!!!! I spent three days and two nights evacuated, and its a scary thing to not know if your home has burned.  I took comfort in knowing that the best of the best were working to keep us all safe!  I know the entire community echoes my appreciation!  Next time you see a firefighter, be sure to thank him or her!

To see what goes into fighting a huge fire such as the Jesusita Fire here in Santa Barbara, come see my film when it premieres on June 6th at Samy’s Camera in Santa Barbara.


Santa Barbara is burning.  Again.  This is the fourth fire in this area in 2 short years.  Tonight I saw Captain Gary Pitney and Captain Mike dePonce, both of whom appear in the film, on television as the news briefing on the fire was about to begin.  The men and women in my film are the real deal - as another fire rages, they are there, working to put it out, and keep us safe.  I want to say thank you to everyone who is fighting this fire.  I hope the winds will die down, and this can be put out quickly.

A month from tomorrow, on June 6th, come see just what goes into fighting a major wildfire, as “Behind the Lines” premieres in Santa Barbara, at Samy’s Camera at sundown.  Details will be posted soon.


Film Fest update:  I have just submitted the film to the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  This is a festival I would love to be a part of!  They do not notify filmmakers until the end of August, so no news for a while. In the meantime, I should hear from the LA Film Festival and SilverDocs by mid-May.  I have submitted the film to the Topanga Film Festival, which looks like a very cool little fest, and am hoping the film will screen there.   I have also sent the film to POV on PBS Television, which, if it is chosen, would be amazing!!!

Plans are going along for the local premiere on June 6th at Samy’s Camera.  Its going to be a lot of fun! Make sure to mark it on your calendars!


The premiere of Behind the Lines will be June 6, 2009 in Santa Barbara.  It will be an outdoor screening in the parking lot of Samy’s Camera - 614 Chapala Street, complete with fire trucks, food (and hopefully drinks, too).  This is going to be a great event!  Hope to see you there!


Looks like the Santa Barbara premiere of the film will be in early June!  I have a meeting tomorrow to solidify plans, so there will be an announcement soon.  Should prove to be a great event, and I hope to see you all there!


The film fundraiser has ended. To all of you who  have supported my project, thank you so very much! If you missed out, and still want a copy of the film, please contact me directly for details.

I am still waiting to hear from the film festivals, and will be submitting to a few more in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned....


I am sad to hear today of the death of a good friend and my audio post production hero Steve Gordon.  Without Steve, my film would not have been complete.  He was generous, sweet, funny and he believed in me.  Its a huge huge loss.  Steve had a talent that amazed me.  He took some really crappy audio, and somehow made it sound fantastic.  Just a couple weeks ago he offered to help me re-record a small voiceover for the film - he wanted to help me be the best I could be.  I wish I could have done more for him.  When you watch the movie, please know how crucial his role was in completing the film.  I honestly could not have done it without him.  And the same goes for my previous film.  You will be missed, Steve.


Check out my appearance on the Santa Barbara Channel’s “Creative Community” :

The show will be airing sometime in April, I believe. A big thanks to host David Starkey for inviting me to appear on his show!

You have less than a week to get your copy of “Behind the Lines!” My fundraiser will end on April 6th, and right now, I am not sure if or when I will sell copies again, as I am going to wait on some of the festival announcements and see if I can get a distribution deal!

If you want a copy of the film, make a donation of $25 or more at:

Hopefully I’ll have some festival news soon!

3/17/09   Happy St. Paddy’s Day !

If you are interested in seeing the film, for a short time I am sending copies out to anyone who makes a contribution of $25 or more to the film (which I made out of pocket.)  Visit:

to make your contribution. And be sure to email me with your mailing address!  Contributions will be used to help market the film, as well as send it to Film Festivals.  Be sure to let me know what you think after you watch it!   email me at :  Jennie at tidepoolpictures dot com


More good press today!   Thanks to Debbie at National Wildfire Suppression Association!


GREAT review on  Thank you Bill.  I am so glad that you liked the film!


Wow, the film is starting to get some attention!  Watch for an article appearing tomorrow on - thanks, Bill Gabbert!

I have had a number of requests for the film, and since the first film fundraiser was a great success, I have decided to do it again.  If you’d like to have your own copy of Behind the Lines, a $25 donation will put one in the mail on its way to you!  Go to: to make your donation and get your copy of the film! 

In other news, a Santa Barbara premiere is in the works... stay tuned for more on that.

Now that I am back from Chicago, the DVDs are finally getting made. I will have them in the mail by the beginning of the week.  Once you watch the movie, please send me your feedback!


I wanted to post a quick update.  For those of you who have supported my “Film Festival Fund” I once again thank you.  I will be sending out DVDs as soon as I can get them made. I’d hoped to have them in the mail already, but, sadly, my grandmother, Johana Reinish, passed away last week, and I have been in Chicago.  Her passing is an enormous loss for me.  I know she would have loved this film, and I hope you will, too.  Thanks so much, again, for your support of this project.  - Jennie


There were a lot of people who made this film possible.  I want to thank Jeff Sparks for his incredible music - you can get a small taste of it from the trailer, but the entire score is just fantastic! I also want to thank Steve Gordon, who has audio post-production skills that defy logic.  I also have to mention Gary Pitney, of the Santa Barbara Fire Department, and Tom Plymale, of the US Forest Service, for their contributions to this film - I am not sure I could have done this without them!

There are more, so be sure to see the film and watch the credits!


The Trailer for the film is now complete! Take a look, and let me know what you think!


Dear Friends,

"Behind the Lines: Fighting a Wildland Fire" takes audiences to a place most have never seen - the base camp of a California wildfire. You will be introduced to the men and women who support the firefighters at every level - from the inner city kids making bagged lunches to the Incident Commander himself... this is a glimpse into a world that most will never see, and without these hard working people, the firefighters on the lines could not do their jobs.

This film now has the interest of Senator Barbara Boxer, who is fighting to keep funding for fire and emergency services from being cut.




contact Jennie:

jennie at tidepoolpictures dot com


Tom Plymale, US Forest Service

Michael Billgren, US Forest Service